The Collective

Though usually given to solitary behavior, members of the species Studentum Graduatis are occasionally known to travel in groups. While other animals have been given appropriate collective noun designations, the "graduate student" has none. Therefore, in the interest of science, I am soliciting recommendations now.

This experiment in taxonomy began, as one would expect, amongst my own --insert collective noun here-- of peers. Here are a few of the suggestions:
  • An Insecurity of Graduate Students
  • A Daze of Graduate Students
  • A Tower of Graduate Students
  • A Sulk of Graduate Students
  • A Gloom of Graduate Students
  • A Text of Graduate Students
I favor "Tower" and "Insecurity," but I think we can do better. The winner will receive mention in an as-of-yet unwritten academic masterwork.


Daveybot said...

For my architecture undergraduate degree I shared a department building with structural engineering students. They're a jolly enough bunch, and can even be called human. At any rate, they suggested that us architects should be given the collective name 'a hideous of architects'.

How kind.

At any rate, for graduate students of less specific scholarly intention, how about something related to those ever-present dissertations?

An appendix of graduate students, perhaps?

Scriblerus said...

Ooh, that's a good one. And indirectly related to another choice of mine--a spleen. But an appendix is sort of perfect.

Marina said...

I don't think I can do any better than 'an appendix of graduate students' -

Mr Bot has it.